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PostSubject: Plot   Plot Icon_minitimeFri Jul 18, 2014 10:26 pm

The year is 2014, and Harry and the gang is all grown up! With families and lives that donít involve saving the world, things settled down for a time; until recently. The Dark Mark has mysteriously been re-sighted and the rumors are circulating again. The Death Eaters are back, but with Voldemort gone, that means someone else has taken over the reins and seems intent on destroying the peace created after The Dark Lordís Death over sixteen years ago.

With the return of the Death Eaters, comes also the return of something far more dangerous to their use. A few years before a Slytherin girl was taken during her final year by the new leader for a potion that she had accidentally come up with while trying to strengthen the wolfsbane potion for werewolves. Instead of strengthening the potion to help prevent the werewolf transformation, she accidentally created a very powerful drug soon to be known to the wizarding world as Garu Moss.

This drug is a form of wolfsbane or monkshood that stimulates the pleasure area of the brain, causing long lasting effects of physical, sexual and emotional pleasure all at once. Were beings are affected for twice the amount of time that a normal witch or wizard is affected for. With the fact that it can be smoked, chewed, or brewed into a tasteless liquid it is extremely easy to spread around. From the maker alone, it would cost someone 100 galleons, but street value is four times the amount. It can be advertised as being non-addictive, when in fact it is highly addictive. Each hit of Garu Moss has a 50% chance of addiction and with one batch containing five hits, as well as the death eaters and the original potion maker knowing how to make it makes for very interesting times. Withdrawals begin after 24 hours and causes violent or aggressive outburst with severe pain and suicidal tendencies.í

Once the drug is unleashed onto the wizarding population, it is almost certain that chaos will ensue, and even Harry might not be able to stop it.

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