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 Granger, Spencer

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Spencer Granger

Spencer Granger

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PostSubject: Granger, Spencer   Granger, Spencer Icon_minitimeMon Oct 20, 2014 12:25 pm

Granger, Spencer Tumblr_m7p5hrEncL1rwvbxco1_r1_500
Name: Spencer Anthony Ryan Granger
Class: Wizard,  Half Veela and Metamorphagus

Mother: Annabelle Granger ( full veela )
Father: Anthony Granger ( Metamorphagus )
Brother(s):  N/A
Sister(s): Sophia Granger ( twin sister)
Other: Hermione Weasley ( Aunt on father's side )

Playby: Alex Pettyfer
Hair: messy blonde hair, but changes according his mood and at will
Eyes: really chocolate brown, but changes according to his mood at will
Height: 6'0
Build: slim and well built
Skin: soft white skin with a bit of a tan to it
Overall Appearance:
Spencer is described as being a strikingly good looking 21 year old man, with fair hair  or a messy blonde hair,  and a handsome slender face that would “attract plenty of girls.” He also has serious chocolate brown eyes that changes colors according to his mood or at will and a slightly hard, narrow mouth.

Well built and slim with a slight tan, Spencer is described as having “the body of an athlete”. He is 6'0 tall and he weighs 150 pounds, with a birthmark on his right shoulder.   Spencer look is casual when he isn't at work,  he wears blue jeans with with a a plain shirt,  Spencer wears dark colors for he looks best in them.  When he's at work,  he wears dark blue robes almost black robes.  

Good Qualities:
quick learner
Quick reflexes
good listener
muggle fighting (black belt)
Bad Qualities:
self-centered(at times )
cold hearted ( at times )
his emotions
short tempered
Rainy days
cold days
death eaters
people who judge others
summer time
Maia Thorson
Evil Slytherins
not spending time with his friends and loved ones
failure (every Granger fear! )
his friends and loved ones being tortured and killed and there's nothing he could do to stop it!
Dying and not telling his friends and loved ones that he loves them
General Personality:

Spencer quite headstrong, courageous independent just like any Granger is. Quick-witted and good at assessing the dangers ahead of him, particularly on missions he has a very strong level of intuition. Though he is prone to extreme emotion at times (such as fear and panic) he never lets it get the better of him. Spencer is very mature,   Spencer is good at analysing situations, before then often going on to handle them better than most older adults would be able to.

He has a good-hearted personality and maintains this even after being exposed to death and danger on a regular basis because of his involvement with his friends being Aurors and battles.  He is shown to have a good sense of humour, often aiming bits of snarkery and dry mockery at his enemies despite the danger that he is in. He purposefully does this because he knows that people make more mistakes when they're angry. He is also pessimistic and can be rather rigid towards people.

He is extremely self-sacrificing, brave and selfless a person, always willing to give himself up for his friends or family. He is also sarcastic and frequently angers those around him with a cutting remark. He cares very much for people such as his twin sister Sophia and his friends. He is rather deductive and extensively intelligent.

Early Years:
Spencer Anthony Ryan Granger was born by Anthony and Annabelle Granger on Dec. 29th.  Spencer is the only boy out of the Granger siblings,  Spencer is younger by two minutes.  Before Hogwarts Spencer and Sophia went to a muggle private school,  and became quite popular there due to being a football and what some girls called him hot and boys were jealous of him.  Spencer and Sophia's were raised on a farm,  so they were always surrounded by animals and raised by nothing but the muggle way even though their parents were Purebloods they believed in teaching their kids the muggle way of things.

Hogwarts Years:
At the age of eleven years old Spencer along with Sophia gotten accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.  Spencer gotten sorted into Gryffindor after the sorting hat had trouble deciding on putting him in Gryffindor or Slytherin,  after seeing more Bravery in him than ambition he was sorted into Gryffindor along with Sophia.  Like any first year was,  he was in awe of the big castle of Hogwarts and he gotten lost various of times trying to his classes making him late.  As he entered his third year he tried out for Gryffindor Chaser and made it,  along with Sophia.   As years passed,  he became very much of a trouble maker and Sophia always had to bail him out of trouble  being Gryffindor Prefect and Head Girl,  he made 8 OWLs and NEWTs as he graduated from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and became a investigator for the Department of Improper Magic.
After Hogwarts / Adult:
At the age of seventeen years old,  Spencer graduated from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and became a investigator for the Department of Improper Magic at the ministry.  On his fourth anniversary of being a investigator for the department, the head stepped down and promoted him to head of the department,  Spencer humble by it took the offer. He takes his job very seriously just as before,  but maybe a bit more serious.  

Alias: Spencer (Spence)
RP Experience: awhile about 5 years
Other Characters: nope!
How did you find us?: Soph of course!
RP Sample:

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Christabelle Gania
Christabelle Gania

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PostSubject: Re: Granger, Spencer   Granger, Spencer Icon_minitimeWed Oct 22, 2014 12:21 am

Accepted! Make sure you do your claims

Granger, Spencer 8QEUsBf
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Granger, Spencer
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